Real-Time Coffee Shoppe

Welcome to RTCS...

RTCS (Real-Time Coffee Shoppe) is an independent software vendor (ISV) with more than 28 years of diverse software development experience, providing our clients with a variety of software products, solutions and services.

Some of our highlights include...
  • Our Data Exchanger™ solution is an electronic data interchange (EDI) application which provides timely, efficient and automated exchange and synchronisation of data between similar or disparate databases, across a LAN, WAN or even the Internet, while applying on the fly business and data transformation rules.
  • The WATS™ (Weighbridge Automated Transaction System) is a weighbridge automation solution which provides the manufacturing and supply industries with the tools to ensure accuracy, control, reliability, integration and traceability to the weighing of vehicles, products and raw materials.
  • Tracer™ links vehicle tracking telemetry with packaging and delivery information and allows you to know where your vehicles are and what cargo they're carrying.
  • QuickFire™ provides fast and automated playback of multiple audio files and is used throughout the world for television, film and stage productions, radio stations, sports stadiums and live events.
  • T-Series Multisound Programmer enables owners of Korg's T3EX, T2EX or T1 workstations to upload audio samples and create, edit and manage custom multisounds.
  • AudioRozza™ provides automated, continuous or triggerable audio recording.
  • Video Wrangler™, our media preview and backup software, has been used on the set of international award winning movie Slam-Bang, as well as on the production sets of television commercials.
  • AFIDS™ (Advertising and Flight Information Display System), provides passengers and visitors to airports with flight arrival and departure information, as well as a revenue generating platform by providing advertising space and sponsorship opportunities.
We're sure we can provide you with the software product or solution that you're looking for.