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QuickFire™ is an audio playback system designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7. It is ideally suited for any application that requires instant playback of audio. Examples include:

    • Television game shows
    • Radio station jingle and sting playback
    • Theatrical performances
    • Live television broadcasts
    • Film productions
    • Events & Presentations


  • Instant access to over 160 audio tracks
    • With 169 buttons, your audio track is ready to be played at any time.
  • Instantaneous audio playback
    • Because of QuickFire™'s audio streaming architecture, there is no need to wait - just click a button and your audio is playing.
  • Simultaneous playback of unlimited audio tracks
    • With QuickFire™'s internal software mixer you can play any number of sounds through a single sound card.
  • Customise each button
    • Give each button a caption and colour for quick identification and categorization.
  • Volume and pan control
    • Set the play back volume and pan for each button. Now the sound engineer doesn't have to constantly "ride" the faders every time a new audio track is played.
  • Loop option
    • Seamlessly loop an audio clip - ideal for bed music, sound effects or any sound that needs to be played back continuously.
  • Hot Key
    • Control each button's playback from the keyboard with the configurable Hot Key option.
  • MIDI triggerable
    • Assign a MIDI In message (Note On/Off, Program Change or Control Change) to a button and use an external MIDI device to control the audio playback.
      An ideal companion to QuickFire™ is the MIDI Solutions F8, a General Purpose Input (GPI) to MIDI converter available from MIDI Solutions Inc.
  • MIDI Out triggers
    • Transmit a MIDI Note On/Off, Control Change or Program Change message to an external device (such a a lighting console) whenever a button is pressed.
      An ideal companion to QuickFire™ is the MIDI Solutions F8, a MIDI to General Purpose Output converter available from MIDI Solutions Inc.
  • Play an audio file's play list
    • A play list is an arrangement of cues that can be played back in any order and be looped for a specified number of times. The play list and cue points are stored within the audio file and can be edited using a professional audio editing package such as Adobe® Audition®.
  • Variable playback speed
    • Adjust the speed at which the audio plays back.
  • Multiple Sound Card Support
    • Now you can specify which sound card each audio track will  be played out of. Perfect for separating different types of effects.
  • Store and recall button settings and layouts (Banks)
    • QuickFire™ stores all of the buttons' settings in a fast loading bank file. Searching for a stored bank is a breeze using QuickFire™'s "Open Bank" window which displays the title and description of each bank.
  • View and print bank reports
    • QuickFire™'s reporting facility provides a printable report of all the buttons with their associated audio files, MIDI triggers and keyboard hot keys.
  • Works with any Windows® compatible sound card.


QuickFire™'s Main Window.
QuickFire™'s main window has 169 customisable buttons, ready to take on any audio playback task.
The screenshot above is of QuickFire™ configured for the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? game show. 

One of QuickFire™'s 169 Customisable Buttons.
The button shows everything you need to know about the audio track including the assigned Hot Key, Loop status and Length. 

The Buttons Properties Window
Here you can assign a Caption, Colour, Hot key and set whether the audio must loop for the button.

Open Audio File Dialog Box 
View the file's format and preview the audio file before you assign it to a button.

Bank Properties Box
Give a bank a Title and Description - for fast location of a specific bank.

Open Bank Dialog Box
Locate the correct bank to load by simply clicking on the .qbf file and viewing the Title, Description and Number of Buttons for the bank.


  • CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 (or greater) processor.
  • RAM: 1GB of RAM.
  • Storage Space: 10MB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation.
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit operating system:
    •  Windows XP (with Service Pack 3)
    •  Windows Vista
    •  Windows 7
  • Hardware: Microsoft® Windows® compatible sound card.


QuickFire™ is used around the world for television, film and stage productions, in radio stations, at sports stadiums and for live events.
Some of the many licensed QuickFire™ users include:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Bass Mechanics
(South Africa)
BBC Training Centre
Capital Studios London
Celador International
Ellis Park Stadium
(South Africa)
Elstree Sound Associates
Fountain Television
Granada Media
Haugseth Media AS
Keith & Matthew Strachan
London Weekend Television
Maidstone Studios
Mixdown Audio
M-Net Broadcast Services
(South Afica)
Om Media
Ottonia Media GmbH
Pace Communications
Power of 10
Power-Pro Computer Systems
RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
RGB Vision
Riverside Studios
Roshni Audiomatics
SFP Euromedia
Sound & Light Professionals
TVN 24
Valentim de Carvalho Televisão
(South Africa)

Special Editions

A QuickFire™ "Special Edition" is a version of QuickFire™ pre-configured for a specific production and accompainied by the required production audio clips (e.g.: music and/or effects). Having QuickFire™ and the audio clips bundled together on an installation CD/DVD ensures the correct installation and configuration of QuickFire™ on the destination production PC and reduces operator training considerably.

QuickFire™ "Special Editions" have been created and licensed for worldwide distribution to aid production companies in the production the following popular shows:

Please contact us should your production require the QuickFire™ "Special Edition" treatment.


If you would like to try out QuickFire™, a demo version is available from the Downloads Page.