Real-Time Coffee Shoppe
We have a variety of solutions available:
  • AFIDS™ and AFIDS Lite™ - Advertising and Flight Information Display System.
  • Data Exchanger™ - fast, efficient, reliable and automatic electronic data interchange (EDI) and synchronisation.
  • Virtual Tour Guide™ - an automated tour guide which let's the pilot/driver get on with their job.
  • Tracer™ - get real-time information on where your delivery vehicles are and what cargo they're carrying.
  • WATS™ - possibly the most comprehensive weighbridge automation solution around.
  • Docket Interceptor™ - intercepts documents being printed, extracts the relevant data from the document's content and stores the data to a database.
If our software solutions don't meet your specific requirements, please contact us to discuss how we can help in providing you with a solution to your requirements.