Real-Time Coffee Shoppe
We have been involved in many large and unique projects; here are some of the notable ones:
  • Medupi Power Station
    - Interception, extraction, processing and storage of delivery docket information as it is printed by a third-party readymix automation software using our Docket Interceptor solution.
    - Transmission of extracted data to central database using our Data Exchanger software.
    - Web-based reporting of material usage, stocktaking, management and logistical planning reports using our Readymix web-reports solution.
    - Vehicle tracking of readymix vehicles, with live and historic display of vehicle location and product delivery information on Google Earth for the monitoring of product delivery using Tracer.
  • Pikitup
    - Automated weighing at all of the company's landfill site weighbridges using WATS.
    - Transmission of transactional data and images to a central server using Data Exchanger and File Transfer Client.
    - Web-based weighbridge transaction reporting software used for waste management and account invoicing.
  • Scaw Metals
    - WATS automation of 12 weighbridges, used to track, monitor and record the movement of raw materials and final products in and out of the premises as well as within Scaw's Germiston operation.
    - Integration into the company's SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • International Paint
    - Automation of 3 extruder systems, 6 powder coating grinder systems and 6 final product box packing systems.
    - Interfacing with multiple analogue and digital I/O devices, including Siemens variable-speed motor drives as well as PID control of flow-rate through the system.
  • Bridgestone
    - Automation of pre-batch weighing system ensuring accurate and reliable dispensing of the raw materials used in the manufacture of tyres.
  • Peter Stuyvesant
    - Promotional interactive SMS game with message content processing and dynamic game progression graphic generation and display.
  • Miss South Africa
    - Live judges voting, scoring and television graphic display solution.
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