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Video Wrangler™
Video Wrangler™


Video Wrangler™ is a preview, backup and duplication tool which works with the Material eXchange Format (MXF) media files commonly used by professional digital video and audio equipment.

Video Wrangler™ primary function is to perform a data backup of the MXF material on the video or audio equipment's storage device to multiple storage devices. The transfer of the media to multiple backup devices is performed concurrently.
After the backup process Video Wrangler™ performs a data entegrity check to ensure every bit of data has been copied sucessfully.

Along with the data backup, the Video Wrangler™ also comes with a video preview facility, where crop-marks can be superimposed onto the video footage to allow for a quick action- and title-safe check, as well as audio level and video integrity checks can be performed before the video footage is offloaded to the backup storage devices.

Video Wrangler™ has proved to be an extremely quick, effeciant and reliable offload and backup utility on the set of feature films as well as TV commercial shoots.


  • Video Preview
    • Video Wrangler™ video preview facility allows video content to be previewed before and after it has been backed-up.
  • Video Mask
    • Video Wrangler™ provides the option to superimpose crop-marks during video preview to ensure the footage is within action- and title-safe.
  • Concurrent Backups
    • With Video Wrangler™'s read-once-write-to-many backup functionality, the time to perform a backup to multiple storage devices is significantly reduced.
  • Data Integrity Check
    • After each media file is backed-up, Video Wrangler™ ensures that the backup was successful and that the source and destinations files are identicle by generating an MD5 message digest for the source as well as each of the destination files and comparing their checksums.


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Some of the licensed Video Wrangler™ users include:

Mean Street Pictures
(South Africa)
Used on location during the production of their award-winning feature film "Slam-Bang"
Orchestra Blue Post Production
(South Africa)